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So, heads up if you're currently stuck on the quest "Full Circle".

There was an error in Murrar's hail dialog.  He was looking to see if you had completed Harkam and Rinna's line before handing you his quest "The Eagle and the Hawk".  However, he SHOULD have been looking for you to have finished Kwipp's lines instead.  If you are on "The Eagle and the Hawk", and have finished Vishra's part of it, you're now broken.  There's a fix in to prevent this from happening again, however, there's no easy way to fix those already in this state.

Therefore, for those of you on Test server, just ping me when I'm on, and I'll advance "Full Circle" for you.  Sorry about the break there, guys - and thank you Lizabethan for being a guinea halfling for this fix.  SMILEY

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