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(This Full Circle quest is weird. You shouldn't be able to have the quests at the same time, Full circle is in the level 20 timeline and the quests with the boat are in the level 40 timeline).

Closing the Black Market - Kyle Bayle

Interesting to see that Soresja had no clue as to where to go when "old-timers" who lived in Qeynos years ago go straight to the right area. You may want to give some more informations in the dialog or quest journal.

So, well, I went to the grotto for the step "Destroy the black market goods". There's absolutely nothing clickable in the area for me (around 883.48, -31.80, 25.44 ). The door at the back is not clickable either.I camped to self, it didn't work.I deleted and retook the quest, it didn't work.I zoned and came back, it didn't work.I camped to desktop and came back, it didn't work.

I'm on Yseult (level 52 barbarian paladin, did all storyline quests up to that one, level 20 & 40 warrior quests and the 3 barbarian quests).

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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