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Soresha wrote:

Location of class / main line quest starter NPCs

Standar Yorden (class quests) and Murrar Shar (main line quests) are at the Claymore Plaza. Ok that's a major landmark, but it's not where you arrive at. In Freeport the equivalents were put on the dock next to the bell (although not actually the dock you zone in at). But a person arriving in the city sees them before they go very far.

Just my opinion, but I don't think the location of these Qeynos guys is going to work so well. The plaza is a long way from where you zone into the city. Not in terms of travelling time (I know there are bells), but in terms of a newbie stumbling across them as they enter the city. A newbie doesn't know that quest starters typically get put around the Claymore Plaza.

How about putting them in Qeynos Harbour instead, just as you get off the docks from the bells, around the arches and The Mermaid's Lure for example?

I wanted to +1 this.  They are not intuitive to find, while in Freeport you darn near stumble over them.


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