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Copying these of mine over from the Zone thread, outta be in here really:

NPC Hargrove Leafsway at 804.95, -21.09, -560.69 outside Willow Wood - he's labelled as a but when hailed, doens't offer directions.

NPC Squire-Guard Williamson at 397.34, -16.55, -31.11 in Capitol District is set up as a vendor, but has nothing to sell. It's a bit weird.

Someone mentioned this in the art thread and I want to agree. The mounted guards charging through the city is just wrong.

a) They should be patrolling, surely? In a dignified, watchful manner. Not running like they're couriers on an urgent mission constantly.

b) It makes them much harder to hail to get directions. Trying to catch up with one, then stop and hail in time before he runs off, if you get the distance wrong you fail. Functionality first, please!

c) If you're an evil toon trying to sneak around Qeynos and dodge the guards (hiring different mercs would be a good example) - again you've just made it much harder for them.

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