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sad to see soe falling back into old ways.. as bad as the choice of date for 2012 was atleast is was done so early enough to matter for most people.. why again did we end soe live with out the next date announcement ??

Last year's date choices were due to Bally's limitations.

With the awful food at this year's "Banquet" and sound issues during the keynotes, I think a serious look is underway at other hotels.

Look I am sorry if you guys ate soe are feeling pressured… but let’s face it no one out here in your customer base is shedding a tear at your cold feet... a company as big as soe has no excuse to not have its act together and have these events well planned out for way in the future... if you at soe don’t like doing these events then just don’t and lets all move on.. If you’re going to do them then step up to the plate and do them well… We do like attending the Fan Fair events but you can’t wait till 90 days out and spring the announcement on us, come on no reason to not have the date you want years in advance. That’s how you overcome hotel limitations. You plan for well in advance.

I asked them why they don't just set a date and book it every year, or even book it a year out.

The reason why is that nearly EVERY major industry convention, GDC, E3, ComiCon, etc. seems to not have set dates, as such if they set a date and sign a contract they maybe forced to duel attend, giving SOELive folks less access, or they would have to move the date, breaking thier contract and costing them tons more.

Looks to me like the Industry as a whole needs to get its act together and be more professional and set these dates.

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