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hello guys!

So I made a gnome warden as my 10th char. Mainly because they look kinda cute, and I didn't have one yet. I knew that they weren't designed to be healers, but I thought: what the heck, 70 wis less and a few tiny stat-boosts wont break a char. They probably don't... but I think it is still sad that they are all useless to this build.

These predefined racial skills also hurt variety in the game imo. Why not make a gnome tank? After all it's a game, and fun.

(( To respond to the thread title: "What a stupid thread (kinda)".

Gnomes are small and physically weak, and to add to that, they are not very wise, but despite their sometimes bumbling demeanour, they are extremely good at research, academic study and building gadgets and machines.

So, gnomes are excellent as mages, but are not so good as priests and especially not as fighters. This is pretty obvious, and it is the lore, the story background, and has been so for 12-13 years now! (In EQII and EQ1 before it).

>> From your comments, you knew this when you made the character <<

Unlike you, many players actually want real and meaningful differences to the game races, not have them all made exactly the same. The differences are fun, and personally, I would like the differences between races made ten or twenty times larger than they already are, not made even more meaningless just to stop people like you whining after making a choice you knew about before you even made it.

If you do not like your class/race choice, the only person to blame is yourself. If you want the "best" stats/choices for a fighter, choose a race that the lore has set up as a martial race, there are a list of them. If you want the "best" stats/choices for a healer, again, choose a race set up for that specifically.

However, if you want to make a non-conventional choice "for fun", then absolutely fine - except you should accept the consequences of that choice without complaining and without asking for the game to be modified to remove racial differences and make everything even more bland.

There is nothing wrong with playing a race you want to play, I mean, I play all high elves. But I don't whine about the fact that my high elf fighters are not well suited to their race, because it was MY OWN CHOICE and I realize that the racial differences add colour to the game. In this case, it was your choice too, so deal with it, or change your race. The options are right there in front of you. The option to just ask for the game to be changed to remove all racial differences is just the most selfish option possible )

Who says all gnomes are weak?  Have you ever seen one powerlift?  Ever seen one pull a truck?  For that matter ever see an ogre do those things?  See my point?  It is all fantasy symantics that can be whatever you want it to be etc..  If I want my gnome to be a compact Hercules then that is what he shall become !

Join the Gnomatter Gadget Gangsta Society and watch how serious they are about Gnome rights!  

Hello fellow EQ2 gamers!
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