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Zergosch wrote:

No xp potions oO wtfun? Health+Power-potions wthello?

It only can get worse... from this on....

I suspect that the idea is if we get stuff that's actually useful from veteran rewards then we won't buy from the market place. Personally, I'd like to see badass mounts and appearance gear on the veteran rewards, but that's probably too much to expect on a regular basis.

Yes, that what i also expect, as it means we already payed 9 "greatfull" years our fees and all we get is a container and some pills? oO

I mean.... the rewards before where better then this... well the collectorseditions before where also alot better....

Gifts from SoE these days are more like... get use to use our things we sell..... 

The container is ok.... but the rest? I bet i never use those potions oO never ever .....

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