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I have all 7 character slots filled up on my account. There is only one character that I have played seriously ever since launch, and that is my swashbuckler. I've done everything on him from questing to raiding, and I consider him my "main". He's a max level alchemist/tinkerer/adorner/transmuter.I have a lowbie fury that is a 92 provisioner. I only made her to be a provo, plus she was my druid ring portal popper before there were guild halls.

I have a lowbie troubador that is a 92 weaponsmith. I have no intention of playing this character as a troub in any situation. Likewise with my lowbie dirge that is a 92 carpenter. Same goes for my lowbie assassin that is a 92 woodworker.My brigand is level 90, but I do not know how to play the class like I do my swashbuckler. His primary mission is being a 92 jeweler. My newly power leveled bruiser will be a level 92 tailor soon. I don't plan on raiding or questing on him. He's just something to goof around on when I feel like soloing and shiny farming in open zones.Which leads me to this post. I want to purchase an 8th character slot and level up an armorsmith. I have a feeling that this armorsmith is going to be another swashbuckler, because I have no interest in any other class in this game. I REALLY wish SOE would let us roll a new character at character select to let us pick a crafting class instead of forcing us to pick an adventuring class and then we pick our tradeskilling craft. I want to create my armorsmith at charcter creation, have him spawn in the tradeskill area of my home city, and get to crafting on him right away. Maybe one day, I'll run to the adventuring NPC and say "HEY I WANNA BE THIS FIGHTING CLASS!"...just like we do now when we run to the tradeskilling NPC and pick the craft we want to be.I know there have been pleas over the years to let us reset our adventuring class on our max level crafters, and that has fallen on deaf ears. But going forward, my suggestion would be a nice option for us to have for characters that are being made "soon"(TM).

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