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Issue: EQ2 was working great on my main gaming pc using the motherboard sound from Realtek for almost a year. Voice chat worked great. My motherboard crashed and they replaced it. The analog sound didn't work on the new one, so I disabled it and bought a sound card using a c-media 8738 6 channel chip. It works fine in Windows. Audio is great. My headset works great including the microphone. Sounds works great in EQ2. Voice chat doesn't. I deinstalled and reinstalled EQ2 from scratch. Same issues.

This is what happens. When I go to options and voice chat. The message says "Windows shows your Mic to be properly configured". When I click the Record (10 sec) button, nothing happens. When I click the test mic button, nothing happens. Same thing no matter what the input and output devices are set to.

When I click to join my guild channel, it immediately tells me "You've left voice channel 'guild'". So I don't know what else to do. EQ2 voice chat works fine on my other 2 computers. All run Windows 7.

Device name: C-Media PCI audio device

Device Driver version:

Operating System: Windows 7 pro 64 bit 

Sound card: Element group(?) CC-SC6C

Sound Card driver: not sure what you need here?

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