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[email protected] Bazaar wrote:

  1. Guides arent allowed on all servers
  2. Guides cant play on their own servers

These 2 things are counter intuitive to being a guide IMO. I have a vested interest in increasing the quality of play on the server I play on primarily which subsequently doesnt allow Guides. They are afraid someone is going to sell the uber appearance loot they got from a guide quest on a toon on the Exchange/Live Gamer site...LOL

Seriously, funny stuff. If either of those 2 things ever changes I would love to apply as a guide on my server, I love the game.

I see the point of not letting guides be on Live Gamer servers, as giving items away on a server where you can sell those items(and not all of them are apperance items) can create leigal issues. I don't however see why they can't have Guides on PvP servers save for the fact that there are really only 2 that are heavly populated and one of those is live gamer, and really does a PvP server want a guide from a PvE server? That said PvP guide events could be really cool if they allowed guides and gave them some unque tools, like pitting two teams against each other for a single item and such.

As far as Guides not allowed on thier own server I totally agree with that, as that does create a huge confict of interest issue if you allowed it, such as a GL spawning Guide Events for only his own guild and such. This is also way guides are not supposed to tell other guides thier home server so they can't arrage quid pro quo events.


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