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[email protected] Bazaar wrote:

  1. Guides arent allowed on all servers
  2. Guides cant play on their own servers

These 2 things are counter intuitive to being a guide IMO. I have a vested interest in increasing the quality of play on the server I play on primarily which subsequently doesnt allow Guides. They are afraid someone is going to sell the uber appearance loot they got from a guide quest on a toon on the Exchange/Live Gamer site...LOL

Seriously, funny stuff. If either of those 2 things ever changes I would love to apply as a guide on my server, I love the game.

I disagree with the second being counter. After all then there would be those who would use it solely to mess with their own friends and guildies.

Wouldn't be a lot of fun for the rest if the accusations started going around that it was all favoritism.

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