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Dolgan wrote:

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If you did 5.5K zone wide in YIS with individual fights over 6K then you are doing just fine with what you have. The only way you are ever going to see 13K is if you have the absolute best gear in the game playing with 23 others that also have the absolute best gear in the game, i.e. the top 5 or so guilds in the game. The rest of us will have to "settle" for 6K.

As for were you want each stat, Magroo's list is a good reference

Well it wasn't enough to get me voted out of the 2nd best guild on this server.  My 2 week recruitment came up after I got my mythical and was voted out for lack of dps.  Expound pls on Magroo's list.  IS that a website?  I want to be able to parse at least higher solo or grouped to show improvement to them and be allowed back in.  So I guess I am gonna have to DD and quest away to get the void armor.

Ok so you are aiming to be one of the top 2-3 rangers on your entire server. Good luck with that. You are already way ahead of 95% of the rest of us. The list I was referring to was in the post by Adeyia above, where he listed the target value for each stat. In order to top 10K add 20 to each one.

I assume you have all of your CAs at Master I. I assume you are using the very best of every single temp buff item in the game, including food, drink, poisons, oilstones, potions, etc. I assume you are timing your CAs perfectly in relation to each other, including the best use of Focus Aim, Honed Reflexes and Killing Instinct.

You do need to improve your gear. You are in direct competition with the Rangers and other top dps classes that have been raiding RoK for a year now and have a complete set of VP armor. You cannot expect to compete with them unless you have something similar. You need at least a full set of T2 Void Shard armor or the better drops from the hardest TSO instances. The same with your jewelry, you need much better stuff. The problem is that you typically need a top guild to get this top stuff, so it is somewhat of a catch 22 when it comes to someone trying to “break in” now.

One last thing is what some others have said. Rangers are very dependent on everyone else in the raid in how much DPS they can do. If they are getting exactly the right/best buffs at exactly the right/best time their DPS can skyrocket without the ranger doing anything different themselves. If I am in the “short bus” group (no illy, no dirge) and therefore I am getting no RDA, Haste, DPS or RC buffs, my DPS can be 1000 pts lower than if I am in a group with an illy and dirge getting these buffs at M1/2. Also are you timing your CAs, and are they timing theirs so that you are getting the most use out of them? Are you waiting for the mob to be fully debuffed before you use Focus Aim (and all of your other ranged CAs)? Are they getting jesters cap on you right after Focus Aim (and all of your other ranged CAs) go down? There is a reason there are only 2-3 top rangers on each server. They are the ones that are playing with the 50 other top players on each server. And most of them have been doing it for 4 years now.

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