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From memory I think I'm always at the following stats when solo buffed:

STR - 927

INT - 370 (ish)

Haste - 81

DPS - 34

RC - 51%

RDA - 31%

I use temporary adornments and potions though to increase those numbers, specifically the DPS (+15 to give 49) and the RDA (+5 to give 36%). If I'm feeling extravagent I'll also throw in a Halasian Ice Brew as my drink.

DPS and RC also get increased by the two buff CAs.

I don't have any raid gear or tier 2 void armor. Everything is quested, instance drops, or tier 1 void armor. Actually I have just upgraded to a piece of t2 jewelry, but that was "only" 13 shards anyway so should easily be in reach of most Rangers. Click on my sig to see my EQ2Players profile which should show you the gear I have.

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