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You need to post your DPS, Haste, RC and RDA values for us to see if there's a problem. A screenshot of your ACT parse would be cool too.

Also, can you post your actual auto-attack min-max range using /weapon command ?

The group make-up makes a big difference for Rangers, you can be the best Ranger in the world but with a bad group you're not going to achieve your full potential.

For example, I can hit a group instance and pull out all the stops and get 2.5K ZW. Go back the next day and do the same thing and get 3.5k-4k without breaking a sweat. The difference is the other people in the group using the right group buffs and debuffing the mob (very important).

Those Rangers getting 10k+ parses have the best gear and know how to maximize their DPS, but also have a raid full of other players who know exactly the same thing.

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