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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Terrogaunt wrote:

Domyr Farseeker wrote:

When you say "Are not mentored", is that referring to players who are getting mentored or the players doing the mentoring?

This refers to the player who's actual level doesn't match his current level. The player who used /mentor and /unmentor.

I sure hope you guys are going to be boosting quest exp astronomically then for the higher levels. Because at the moment, it's abysmal. I don't know one single person who actually QUESTED to go from 90-92

I went through the WL questline on 2 of my now 92 toons and then started teh access quest with both my 1st toon did the SS solo missions as well to get to 92 she was the one I used to get all the tradeskill apprentices, my 2nd toon I ended up going to EQ adn grinding to finish off her run to 92 quests just werent giving enough XP my 3rd toon well lets just say I haven't finished WL quest on her yet and she still got to 92 although I was talking her through her ER at the time.

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