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We are pleased to let you know that the Chains of Eternity Beta server is now open for everyone.  Come and get a look at the new expansion!Here's some additional info to get your started (thanks Bunji):Beta Server Details:

  •     The Beta server may not be accessible at all times.
  •     This server is wiped periodically, meaning all current characters will be deleted.
  •     You can copy your Live and/or Test characters over to the Beta server.

Other Beta server info (subject to change at any time):

  •     Buffers available
  •     Free Marketplace
  •     Grants Gold Membership (all classes and races available)
  •     Grants free Alternate Advancement respecs
  •     Claims are disabled

To patch and get into the Test or Beta servers:

  •     Start your live launchpad
  •     In the top-left corner, click the ‘Version’ link which will open the ‘Select Game Version’ panel
  •     In the drop-down you can choose ‘Beta’ or ‘Public Test’ then hit ‘Apply’ to patch the corresponding server
  •     Hit ‘Play’ once the patching completes

How to copy your Live and/or Test character over to the Beta server (two different ways):

  •     You can click the 'Beta Copy' button on the character create screen to copy the currently selected character.
  •     You can log in your character and then use the /beta command.


  •     Beta installs into a subfolder requires about the same amount of space your live install takes.
  •     Remember to set the ‘Version’ back to your regular setting to get back onto your normal servers.

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