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Cronyn wrote:

Cyliena wrote:

I got attacked by The Effigy of Fear in the center of Throne of Fear: The Fear Gate, but nothing has updated or happened since. I'm confused.

edit: Looked through another thread and I see that there's supposed to be some stone I can click on. No such stone exists. I'm in the correct instance as far as I understand.

That's a new one.

What does your quest say right now?

Okay, I finally completed it, but there's definitely something wonky.

At the point where I posted above, it told me to enter the Throne of Fear and seek out the Fear Gate. I entered the Throne of Fear: The Fear Gate three different times (third time I allowed it to reset), ran all over the zone and I never got an update (though my merc did make the effigy of fear trigger the first run-through).

So I got fed up after an hour and logged out in the Fear Cave, just outside of the Throne of Fear door. Just logged back in and the quest updated immediately when I logged in, saying to go place the remains. I zoned back into The Fear Gate instance and saw the stone and was able to finish this part of the quest.

I'm at a loss as to what caused it to happen.

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