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Apologies if there's a thread already for this one, but I couldn't find it.

Currently speaking to Gulthga for the first time. The part right before you agree to help him he uses a naughty word! It's within the bubble that includes: "Their fear should cripple them, but it as if Cazic himself has shielded them. I must as*ses our situation." Tacking one more "s" to correctly make that word "assess" would do wonders for that amygadalan's foul mouth.

Next typo: two dialogue bubbles later he says "These creature are familiar and yet unfamiliar." -- "creature" should be "creatures".

"Prognosticate", really? Even I had to look that one up, had no idea what it meant.

Okay, I just realized that all of the above should be in a report for the quest "Fear Itself", apologies.

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