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Warden and Zerker is a nice is Warden and Monk.    If he wants to roll a melee dps (meaning the dps scout-type classes)  class, fury will buff him better, but I just don't think Fury is as fun as Warden.  Pretty subjective, I know..but it sounds like you are more looking to have 'fun' than to min/max for high end raid content SMILEY<img src=" width="15" height="15" />

I've said it before:  you can level pretty much any class to like..14 in an afternoon - which gives you a little bit of a glimpse at how well they do together.  Before you invest a ton of time, you might try that.  Granted, you don't see ALL the cool things any given class will have, but it sounds to me like you guys just want a fun combo that won't be fighting against itself (like, say, if you rolled a coercer and a warlock ).

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