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Soresha wrote:

As for The Skies are not Safe! debuff - I'm going to risk getting flamed and say I LIKE the start of the zone not being so easy to fly around. Why should everything be easy? It shouldn't.

You can still fly, I stay fairly low. If I get knocked down I just glide along the ground for awhile until it's "safe" to fly again (debuf wears off). I like this idea, it's part of the story.

I have started the quests and seen mention of the dragon not letting anyone into the sky, and a hint that this needs resolving. Sounds like fun to me.

I'm with you here. I kind of like it also. And I had a pretty good idea who was causing it the minute I zoned it. I'm still sore from that druid ring about 500 years ago, and I need some payback.

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