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Thorncreep is a 93^^ Heroic and I took him out easily with my level 90 fury in Ry'Gorr gear. Fun little fight with the adds spawning, but I'm not sure if it should be that easy, He doesn't hit that hard, and I could burn him down not much slower than the average trash mob in Mourning Lands. Had 2 adds up when he died.


Jenluk the Vigiliant was also a very easy kill for a 93^^ boss, went down even quicker. I remember having much more trouble with the equivalent overland named mobs when I started DoV. This character isn't in raid gear or anything too uber.

As for The Skies are not Safe! debuff - I'm going to risk getting flamed and say I LIKE the start of the zone not being so easy to fly around. Why should everything be easy? It shouldn't.

You can still fly, I stay fairly low. If I get knocked down I just glide along the ground for awhile until it's "safe" to fly again (debuf wears off). I like this idea, it's part of the story.

I have started the quests and seen mention of the dragon not letting anyone into the sky, and a hint that this needs resolving. Sounds like fun to me.

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