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Gninja wrote:

Cyliena wrote:

"The Skies are Not Safe!" - Wow, this is REALLY annoying. Basically it's more efficient to use a ground mount in this zone then our special mounts that we quested or purchased. Awesome.

- There might be a way to get rid of this through the questlines. There is a reason the skies aren't safe. Have you spotted it yet?

Few replies above.

Sure there's a reason... but it's still UNBELIVABLY annoying to zone in, fly allong happily only to hit the region where this applies and drop waaay down to your death.

IMO needs to be an invisible barrier (at least at high-altitutde) around the regions so that you don't simply stumble into it and die. Once the skies are safe, have the barrier go away with the dismount volume.

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