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Cyliena wrote:

Since you're looking here Cronyn... I know that the new sig quest on live servers ends up telling about the "New Combine Empire" or whatever, but those of us that can't access that quest walk into Withered Lands going "ehhh??". Any chance of sneaking in a book before GU63 goes live about what in the world is going on here, or maybe with GU63 explaining what happened to create the New Combine?

Yes, actually - I'm going to put in a hand off quest that is given when you take the bird here (on the Thurgadin docks).  He/she will explain a little about what's going on up in the Withered Lands and bring players up to speed a little bit, then had off to the quest NPC that starts the storyline thread for the zone.

Expect it next week, I think.  SMILEY

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