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"Preserving the Flank" This is the quest where you have to cure the 5 meats after Porto Bunglefoot gives you the items to craft with. I had one failure while doing this and came up short on high quality salt. Not quite sure why, I have 1 left in my bags and the recipe calls for 2 of these, I received 10 at the beginning of the quest, I should have none in my bags at this point. However, my problem is that I didn't get anything in return when I had my failure and am now unable to finish the quest.

I've spoken with the quest giver and she just tells me to return when I finish (or some such thing) and I've looked for fuels in the vicinity around her to see if there are ground spawns, but I can't find any and I can't seem to find a vendor to sell me the salt.

Am I missing a vendor to buy the salt from?

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