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Gninja wrote:

Cyliena wrote:

"The Skies are Not Safe!" - Wow, this is REALLY annoying. Basically it's more efficient to use a ground mount in this zone then our special mounts that we quested or purchased. Awesome.

- There might be a way to get rid of this through the questlines. There is a reason the skies aren't safe. Have you spotted it yet?

Weather - It seems to rain very briefly quite often. Very sporadic. Intentional? (rain also carries over into some caves)

- See comment about "Skies not being safe" these are linked and there is a way to get rid of it.

Sanctuary of Mourning - There are no NPCs here even though there's areas that appear set up for some.

- If you notice that area is dying... It is not as green as the other "safe" areas. There may be a way to help with this through quests. But I will look at adding some corpses or something to the area to make it less empty before having done the quests.

Achievements - There is no achievement for exploration nor for questing.

- Achievements have not be completed yet. I will be working on these over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on patch notes!

Few replies above.

Ah okay, I haven't done the quests yet, exploring currently. Glad there may be a way to address the weather/sky not safe/sanctuary of mourning. And yes, at one point while hanging out on the zone wall trying to leap over I thought I saw a dragon flying around. I assume that's what makes it not safe.

Out of curiousity, is there a reason that we're helping droag after only ever slaughtering every single one that's stepped near us before? Dragons or not I can't recall us ever liking the Droag.

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