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"The Skies are Not Safe!" - Wow, this is REALLY annoying. Basically it's more efficient to use a ground mount in this zone then our special mounts that we quested or purchased. Awesome.

Pathing Issues - My mercenary is randomly aggroing on things not even close to me (Guardian one). Sometimes it's things that another player has pulled, even if that player isn't nearby. The merc and mob pathing is pretty bad.

Zone walls - What's the point of letting me climb/leap/fly way up on the wall if you won't let me OVER it? The ceiling needs to be higher so we can pass over these instead of be forced down a winding path. (example spot: -2800, -511, -446)

Withering Shrubs (harvest node) - These seem a bit difficult to interact with.

Weather - It seems to rain very briefly quite often. Very sporadic. Intentional? (rain also carries over into some caves)

More Pathing Issues - My mercenary disappears (gets lost in geometry maybe?) for a short while entering and leaving caves. Happened to me at the corrupted protector of growth cave at -1944, -597, -909.

Sanctuary of Mourning - There are no NPCs here even though there's areas that appear set up for some.

Tears of Tunare - Toxic Roots (harvest node) that are under the "water" here do not have their name above them and are difficult to find due to that.

Achievements - There is no achievement for exploration nor for questing.

Village of Alivan - guards aren't aggro but everything else is?

Zone to Skyshrine - You run in midair to here.

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