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I only bring this up since Juggernaut was changed from granting CC to granting increased CB instead.  At this point in the game no one relies on temps or procs to get them over the required CC threshold.  And since Juggernaut finally had the CC portion changed to something more beneficial at this point in the game I was wondering if it would be possible to change Executioner's Wrath and Executioner's Fury to be given similar consideration.  EW currently grants increased CC for the attack following EW and EF grants increased CC when the warrior is below 50% health.  

If EW were to grant increased CB for the attack following it then it would be more worthwhile to cast.  At the moment it is just about the worst CA that warriors have.  

EF sadly might remain one of the worst choices in the entire Warrior tree even if the CC granted were changed to CB as it only remains in effect while the warrior is below 50% health.  With how damage and heals roll in these days you are likely either going to be green or dead.  You simply do not remain below 50% health for any period of time unless an AE just landed killing your healers and you lived and proceeded to use a pot to cure yourself.  Even then you're looking at a few seconds tops before either you die or your healers are back up and you're green again.  Persoanlly I'd be alright with seeing the bonuses of EF reduced and the health requirement removed.  

I do realize that Exectioner's Fortification would either have to be massively toned down or changed to something else.  In my opinion the strength line for warriors has a theme of granting increased damage and threat outside of this one enhancement for EF.  As such I propose that the mit bonus be changed to a base auto attack modifier.  The reason for this is that Crusaders have a base auto modifier and Brawlers are able to DW or use a 2-hander and suffer no penalty to their avoidance as they do not rely on wearing a shield to be fully defensive.  These 2 things leave Warrior's auto attack rather lack luster when they are fully defensive compared to both Crusaders and Brawlers as it stands now.  

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