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I don't think they will remove ammo or add endless quiver ever. Even though its technically possible to enact a 'endless quiver' if you want to sacrifice adornment slots just so you don't have grief no other class has to go through for their basic auto attack.

It's gotten to the point where my ammo is really the only thing I dread seeing. I like all the other general mechanics in the game or have come to accept them, but every time I get excited to play that is instantly knocked down a few notches after I realize I am going to need AT LEAST 2500 arrows ready to go.

More than anything, ammo should be looked at simply because it is ZERO FUN in a VIDEO GAME. You find me 1 person who TRULY feels that managing, crafting or selling obsurd amounts of ammo is the absolute highlight of playing EQ2 and I will shut up forever about ammo.

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