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Fyreflyte wrote:

Please keep in mind that these are Advanced Solo zones, and are meant for one very well geared player, or two regularly geared players. I understand that trying to solo this as a lower dps class (like a templar) may be too difficult, but you are allowed to bring a merc or a friend in those cases.

I understand that Fyreflyte.  I was running the zone on my very well raid geared Mystic with a Skyshrine Inq merc.  I didn't have any problems with the rest of the zone.  It was the final name and the lack of text or more apparent visual clues as to what needs to be done that was the issue for me.  Now that I know how the fight works, I'm sure it will be easier for me to do.  I will have to run it again and see how it goes.

I would still suggest some kind of text clue for what needs to be done.  Nothing is apparent atm except he "glows" a little bit, (which is difficult to see with performance settings turned down) or you have to keep a constant eye for the buff icon to show up.  And as someone else mentioned, I have also had him turn "purple" instead of red or blue.

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