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Ok, so getting rid of my last message for this one. It's's a pita without incombat run speed pretty high, but it's doable.

The amount of time you have between getting rid of one effect and getting another could use a little tweak, maybe a few more seconds delay. Got the strat down pretty decently after the second time killing him, pretty much getting rid of his effects flawlessly, and the fight was still around two minutes. I don't know what's on his loot table, but the annoyance factor of this guy probably warrants something worth the effort, even if it's a rare drop.

Also, not sure if it's just a beta server thing, but if you stand around long enough after killing him (like I did when posting this message), he will respawn in a short time. Edit: Tested to see if it worked more than once. I've spawned him three Five times so far. Different loot every time. Haven't tried other zones, besides Temple of the Faceless, which I know doesn't respawn because I ran around there for half an hour before someone told me there was a special instance to update the Drinal main quest...

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