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the end statue is virtually impossible to do in the solo instance by yourself.

activate him...burn him till he pops one of the colored buffs. what I had happen was click the column, attune him back up there, and not 2 seconds after that one was gone, the other would show up. each one heals him for a lot more then my SS geared paladin was hurting him for. and trying to run around to click the columns with him knockup and around...couldn't do it. I literally never got him below like 50% becuase of the massive healing while in either of those 'stances'

and then he can get both the red and the blue buff up at the same yeah. not a chance at beating him. I would literally only be able to even think about taking him on if I brought another player with me to stand outside the platform and click the pillars as he changed colors.

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