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Here's a friendly reminder about signing up to receive SOE Emails. We occasionally send out emails that you might not want to miss (like exclusive promotions), even if you cancel your account! So be sure you're opted-in to get those emails.

What's included when you sign up?

• You'll receive the quarterly Newsletters for the games you are signed up for.

• You'll receive any promotional emails that we send out, which can include special offers.

To make sure you're on the list, do the following:

• Click on My Account on the top bar (the Station one) or visit

• Click on Email Settings

• Select those emails you wish to receive (specifically, EverQuest II for EQII newsletters and promotions).

• Click OK. (If you aren't sure you are getting the emails, click OK even if you don't change anything, just to refresh the setting.)

"How come I never seem to get any of the emails?"

There are a couple of reasons you may not be receiving the emails from SOE:

• Update your Email Address: An incorrect email address is a common reason for not receiving the emails from To update your email address, check your address at the top of the Email Settings page in your account information and select Change if it is incorrect.

• Email is being blocked: If your email system has a block, junk, bulk, or spam mail folder, you'll want to make sure that it allows Station emails [[email protected]]. You will need to check the options, properties, or preferences of your mail system to determine how to set this up.

• Options not saved: There's a chance that your options were not set correctly when the system changed over to this system. To fix this, uncheck your checked boxes and click Apply. Then re-select your options again and click OK. That should refresh the list.

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