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I'm not saying it's great, just that it's not entirely useless. Blood Rage is a fantastic ability for solo mobs, an excellent to "meh" abillity on almost every heroic, and it only seems to be anything close to useless on top-end raiding.Of course, I can't think of any class that doesn't have useless (or at least "meh" abilities) when it comes to raiding. When raiding, you are basically stuck with your core mechanics... which is the point and part of the challenge.

For a while until I got some decent gear, Blood Rage was the reason I could solo some of the 90+ heroic names in SF dungeons last year. The first named in Erudin Library for example... I could only solo it if I let all the trash mobs beat on me while I fought the named. They did such low damage that they would heal most/all of the damage done by the named... all thanks to Blood Rage (no mending runes at the time) and that's not the only named I have used such tactics on!

You want the ability fixed for your needs in high end raiding? I understand that... but calling it worthless fits a person somewhere between shortsighted and selfish.

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