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Kaberu wrote:

It is essentially a 33% (or 43% with adorn) chance to reduce incoming damage an additional 5% to 10% for most hits you'd be taking (hits between 6500 to 10000ish post-mitigation would be about 5% effective DR, anything less and it's a higher effective DR) except from the heavier raid mobs... in which case it's more like an effectively 2% or 3% DR.

And combine that with the ward proc to berserk and you nearly have a consistent 2% to 3% or more DR against raid mobs and 5% to 10% or more DR against the majority of heroics

I fail to see the uselessness. It's basically a scaling DR that is less effective against epic mobs.

Damage Reduction Reduces damage, a heal won't save you if the damage kills you because your dead, you get healed AFTER you take the damage, not before, additionally it doesn't help your shamans wards either, since your still taking the damage, making it way less helpful then a ward.

It only works on Autoattacks, not all damage.  It also only procs from the first attack.

Ward of Rage is Trash, it reduces damage by 0.136% Zonewide.

Blood Rage is Trash, it heals for 1000 when your taking 20000-30000 Hits, which is WHAT you take this expansion in hard content, it usually parses for 700 HPS on AOE fights, and 200 HPS on single target fights.

Honestly, they need to trash blood rage and ward of rage and revamp them to be a percent based heal and critical bonus.

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