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Feedback: Crafted stats are off. I feel there is an error in stamina calculation. The reason given for the MC to have lower stats is because of refining and experimentation. I do see some of the reasoning, when I look at the end result, but you should recheck stamina. Rolled an outfitter on the beta to check.

Refining increases at item by 5% base now, not 10%. Experimentation will, at most, raise a few of the stats on a piece of gear by an additional 10%. It will take both refining and experimentation to make the (agi, int, str, wis) of an item actually over that of handcrafted, and given that the stamina values listed for MC gear are fully 30% LOWER than HC, the stamina will never come up to par no matter what you do.

Math tells me (I haven't gathered 15 deepstone roots to blow up ten making refined roots yet, so calculator time)

Fierce Thalumbral Robe (common) - 500 int, 1786 sta, 50.2CB, 50.8POT, 198 attack, 17% MAX HP
Fierce Deepstone Robe (rare) - 459 int, 1220 sta, 52.4CB, 52.9POT, 182 attack, 16.7 MAX HP
Refined/Visionary Fierce Deepstone Robe (rare) - *530 int, *1409 sta, *60.5 CB, *61.1 POT, *210 attack, 17.5 MAX HP

Why should I be, at a minimum, ten thousand HP lighter for wearing a decked out mastercrafted piece? Be fine if the stamina wasn't much higher than HC, because of the CB and POT differences... but much less? Even experimented?
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