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Tigress wrote:

Cusashorn wrote:

I remember them saying when Sarnaks were first introduced that the lack of any mammaries or otherwise feminine features meant that they could just use the male graphic instead of having to go through the trouble of developing an entirely new one just for that race and gender.

now THAT i believe.  path of least resistance for the devs.  that stinks. 

not being able to wear dresses is just dumb.  i dont like that my female is so freaking huge and bigger than the boys.  i dont like that she looks like a boy.  if i could put a dress on her, then maybe she'd look like a girl.  why r the girls bigger than the boys anyway?

Why are the girls bigger? Because the Devs decided that the females are the dominant gender of the Sarnak species, and to help promote such, they made the females physically larger.Amusingly enough, there was another recent thread, where a small handful of Iksars complained about the "injustice" of having to wear the same dresses as other mammal races (citing the lack of breasts as not being flattering, for the outfit design/print). These same people pointed to the Sarnak race, with envy, saying they want the same.When you play a monster-based race, you will have some limitations. The perks, and uniqueness, comes at a cost. If the cost is too high, play another race, or pick another outfit.

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