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Am I being blind in my horror at this new FAQ which appears to mean I am going to need a PSS1 account after all (so I am personally WORSE off now than I was before - at least then I could keep playing on my SOE account grandfathered on my US server), as I can see mention on LON cards, but not of the bonus 500 SC I get every month for my recurring sub.  Also, what about the fact that I can currently use my SC on multiple games, not all of which are included in the PSS1 deal (eg: EQ1).  I assume I won't be able to any more.

I don't like the idea of content potentially differing between US and Euro servers either- mention was made of "will closely monitor the needs and wishes of local communities to bring special content as appropriate to European players."  Not to mention "Players in Europe can expect special content, offers and promotions, including in-game items for the above mentioned SOE games that are included as part of the agreement with ProSiebenSat.1 Games." So on my US server will may miss out on content that will be Euro server only? Or as a EURO player, even tho I'm on a US sever will I still get this?  Plus 'Europe' is a huge and massively culturally diverse place, unlike the US - so making special 'Euro' stuff meaningful for for all will be impossible. 

What promises and protection do we have for accounts not making the transfer properly? Alaplaya lost loads of Maestia accounts when it transferred to them and they were just gone - poof.

I want to cry.  I really really do. I hoped, secretly, that SOE would pull a miracle out of this fiasco and manage to hide PSS1 behind the scenes and keep everything simple for us as customers, but no, of course not.  I know many others will be pleased about the lack of IP locking now (as am I)), but having to have an account with PSS1 after all will finish off this game for huge numbers of European people, potentially including me, who weren't affected by that aspect before.  I now have to think VERY carefully what I want to do.

Edit: Addendum - I don't get why a 'conversion' is needed for SC to whatever PSS1 want to call their currency.  If content is all SOE ultimately (we shall see) why not just have 5000SC=5000PSS1C (or whatever it gets called).  Why is there a need to 'convert'?

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