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SOE-Brasse wrote:

We are well aware that some people object to maintaining an account with ProSiebenSat.1 at all.  I will again suggest that as the transition is not happening immediately (we haven't even set a date for EQII yet), that you give this time and consideration.  We are also well aware that we cannot make everyone happy. We can only do what is best for the health and longevity of the game, and we are deeply sorry if anyone feels they have to leave instead of trying it out.

I cannot speak for ProSiebenSat.1, only of my own experiences with them in my position here as we work toward the transitions for our games, wherein I have found them extremely engaged, concerned, dedicated and fully committed to working with us to provide larger distribution and secure gameplay options for all European customers.

Like i said, money will hide any kind of opinion, but not change it.

Every company has made its mistakes (or at least every one I have ever worked for), and the good ones (those still in business) evolve as a result of learning from them.  As we all know, SOE continues to be lambasted for mistakes long past that cause some to say they'd never do business with us again, while others give us a chance too.

Mistakes can be forgiven, however expressing your opinion might be a mistake, the opinion in itself is not.

And having a negative opinion towards gamers in general and still asking those same gamers to trust you is not a mistake, it is hoping said gamers are fools as well as losers.

For all who express concerns with ProSiebenSat.1 service, security, forums and moderation, we are compiling a report of WHY you are uncomfortable working with them.  Believe me, they are VERY interested in addressing your concerns and earning your trust.

My distrust towards p7s1 is not a closed door, it is a brick wall. Nothing they say, or promise, will change that.

The only way i and my husband will keep on playing EQ2, is if we can keep our account with SOE.

As much as I wish to, I cannot stay here all day and post responses, but I'll do my best to answer from time to time going forward, as our staff brings new issues to my attention. Some of the issues are repeating themselves, so forgive me if I don't respond to all of you directly. We WILL continue to read, record and carry feedback forward.

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