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rupugna wrote:

SOE-Brasse wrote:

using your existing SOE account id

Erm, what if my SOE account ID is already being used by someone else on PSS1?

Thank you for pointing this out, rupugna!

I really missed that point. In fact - they ARE transfering personal information then - without our consent!So far they consider login credentials personal - so how can they dare to even think of telling an unrelated company MY (and all yours!) accountnames?!

Having the accountname is half the way into an account. Congratulations!

Well - maybe they will post all those accountnames that already exist and can't be transfered automatically due to duplicates on the alaplaya-boards - so customers can contact them *rofl*

sorry - i had to say that ... i expect the least from pss1 and will still be disappointed.

Edit: Brasse corrected this later on that they will not give them our account name. But still - the initial comment makes one think so by reading carefully.

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