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Time passed the woman still lived.

“Why don't they at least feed you.” Alyerra asked “I mean I can see your bones,”

The woman sighed “Because they assumed you would give into your hunger by now.”

Alyerra swallowed “Hunger... when I need to drink... according to you”

“Thirst then.”

Alyerra bit her lip to stop her scream of pain.

“Whatever you want to call it. You can't hold if off much longer.”

“No, I don't want to kill.” Alyerra answered. She let out a scream as the intense pain in her stomach increased. Her nails began to lengthen into claws. “What's happening to me?” she whispered

The woman swallowed and stepped against the opposite wall. “You will feed soon... and you won't be able to stop yourself.” she closed her eyes and began praying.

Alyerra screamed again as she felt her body further transform. Her blue eyes turned red and her long honey blonde hair became shorter ending just below her ears. She looked around and saw the woman trying to get away. “No!” her mind screamed as she pounced on the woman. Her teeth sank into the woman's shoulder instantly rewarding a nice flow of blood. “No!” Alyerra's mind screamed again She could feel and taste the blood that was running down her throat. It tasted like blood. In her mind she started crying as her body continued to drink. “This is disgusting,” her mind hissed “I'm a bard... how can a bard be so sick?”

The woman closed her eyes as she fell into unconsciousness.

Alyerra pulled herself off the woman as her body returned to normal. She swallowed the last mouthful of blood and gently grabbed the unconscious woman under the arms and carefully dragged her to the cot and laid her down. Alyerra wiped a pale purple arm across her mouth. She licked her teeth and then her lips. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at the crimson streak on her arm. She stepped over to an opposite corner and sank to the floor crying.

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