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Four years later a Dirge was performing at Senriala's tavern The Tainted Eagle.

Alyerra watched her mother. She remembered her Mom talking about the music she had listened to in Neriak. She could see the emotions stirring as her mother remembered. As the Dirge started to leave she ran to catch up to him “Please teach me. I want to play like you.”

The human turned and looked at the child.

“Mommy likes your music. I want to play music for my Mommy,”

The human smiled. He stayed for a few weeks in Kelethin teaching the young girl how to play.

The Flamefists stayed in touch sometimes taking Alyerra with them on their journeys. Alyerra's best friend was Kyriu Flamefist who had been born a month after her. The Flamefists considered Senriala and Alyerra as family with Kyriu and Alyerra calling each other cousins.

When Alyerra was twelve Mesena made her a guitar. The guitar was her most prized possession. She was never seen without it.

Several years later Senriala held the guitar in her hands. The neck was broken into three pieces. The main body of the guitar was broken. She sobbed. “My Alyerra... where are you?”

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