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The music from the Lyre becomes slower and a bit more melancholy as the Fae begins her next Ballad:


Song of Blood


It was storming as the Dark-Elf made her way through Nektolous forest. The rain barely touched her through the trees. For the moment she was lucid. Her mind only saw the trees. She touched a hand to her swollen stomach as a flutter of movement reminded her why she ran. She stopped and spoke out loud “You have no idea what world you will be born into... and me a mother?” she looked at the sky “Was I not disgrace enough?” she shuddered her white hair and her clothing absorbing more water. She had no choice but to quit walking. She turned hearing noises. She screamed as she saw zombies coming towards her. The Tier'dal did not know if they were real or imaginary. She looked for a direction to turn but they were everywhere. She began to sweat despite the coolness of the water. She closed her eyes and fell to the ground as two skeletons came nearer.

The Dark-Elf opened her eyes and screamed as a tall muscular red haired human loomed over her. She aimed a punch up at him but missed as he dodged.

“Mesena she's awake.” Jacob called to his wife. “You have no reason to fear me.” he said as his Feir'dal wife came into view.

Mesena knelt by the Teir'dal “My husband won't hurt you.” she said “I'm Mesena Windstaff Flamefist and this is my husband Jacob. We saw you fall in the forest. What is your name?”

“Senriala,” The Dark-Elf said sitting up. She looked at the Wood-Elf “I see you are also heavy with child.” she shook her head “Why would a woman in your condition help someone like me?”

Mesena smiled “Everything is balance. I believe in justice. Your race does not make you evil. To my knowledge you have done nothing wrong. When I saw you, all I saw was sick woman. Your child...” she paused “You carry the reminder of a terrible crime that was committed against you, that is how you view the life growing in you. You must not think of her that way. You must think of her as a blessing,”

Senriala blinked “Her? How do you know?”

“I can't explain it,” Mesena answered. “Same way I know I also carry a daughter.”

Jacob smiled. “Come with us. We were headed back to Kelethin. We are well known in there so we can vouch for you.”

“Thank you.” Senriala answered “But... I don't know... I mean I am Tier'dal... and” she closed her eyes “I have always been mentally ill. My father kicked me out when he discovered I was with child. You're right I was attacked... and the child is the product of that attack... it was a human.” she smiled “At least I don't have to marry the troll...he broke off the engagement when he found out.”

“See everything is balance. Already she has saved you.” Mesena said.

A few months later in Kelethin Senriala held a newborn half-elf in her arms “Alyerra,” she told Tetriemmy who had helped her. “No last name, just Alyerra, my little Alyerra.”

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