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Strums wrote:

I havent played in some time...about a year to be exact.  I came back a few months ago, but became tired of the pvp again due to the zerg in KP.  Decided to roll an alt with my girlfriend, but need some advice.

She rolled a mystic, and I did not want to roll another scout.  Back when I played, seemed scouts were everwhere, and master's were way overpriced due to the amount of people who played them.

I figured an SK would make a good duo with her mystic...solid dps, some heals to help between her wards, etc...and so far it seems like it is working out great.

What I didnt realize, is that half the server is now an SK...and the price im going to pay for masters etc is going to be more costly than that of a pally. 

My question is, would a pally make a good duo with a mystic?  More so than the SK?  Any pros or cons to either class as a duo with a mystic...other than everyone is now an SK?


SK's probly one of the most op classes u realy dont even need a healer when u play an sk. Only if you have end-game gear, masters and 172+AA

SK's use life taps to heals and can put out a very nice amount of dps. If they have end game gear, master and 172+AA

Pallys have Real heal spells that they can cast when ever they get 4 heals i think 1 they can only use on themself 1 massive heal ( lay on hands) a single target heal and a grp heal, they have decent dps but once they get into the 50s and 60s is when there dps wil go up more !

SK only really have exceptional and comparable DPS to scouts and mages in AE encounters (with the right gear, master and 172+ AA)


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