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Wildmage wrote:
[email protected] wrote:
Dead Knight wrote:
As Shadowknights, the last thing we need is more MIT. With decent gear, Siphon Armament and Despoil we already have the ability to spike our MIT higher than any other class. What we need is +Def. and +HP buffs other than our defensive stance like Guardians.

To be honest I'm not so sure about that. My SK was my main raiding char for 8 months, and since he was MT I concentrated on getting the best mit I could. His mit self buffed when I stopped playing him was 5219. After I switched to my Guardian and have been playing him a while, his self buffed maximum mit is 4886. With Command and Wall of Force at M1, I can spike it at 7018. With Despoil also at M1 and adding 336 for the enemies around me, I need to have at least 6 to get higher than my Guardian can, and he can't get near the Guards avoidance.

 The thing that always annoyed me about my SK most was something else you mention, and was highlighted in a post on the Pally forums where they all posted to compare mit/avoid/AAs/HP/Power. I was one of a handful of SKs posting their stats for comparison, and despite having one of the top mitigations, my HP was quite low. Even now it's already over 1000 lower than my Guardian self buffed, maybe that's something that could be addressed, the low HP pool really plays a part in how long you survive as MT when the figure is in the thousands.

Thats unlikely to change Crusaders are meant to have the lowest hp/highest power of fighters, brawlers highest hp/ lowest power, and warriors are the middle ground. 
problem is, its not true. Crusaders have the least power and hp. SMILEY

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