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Well this topic has been an issue for as long as I can remember, and quite a while ago I made a post on eq2flames on what I thought they should do, not just for SK's but for fighters in general to make them more raid viable when not playing the role of MT and ST.

I recently started a thread about fighters recieving utility for when they are not tanking.... Something that I could really see benefitting SK's might be some kind of hate transfer. Something that is as good as an assassins hate transfer so that it would make it worth having us in the MT group when we are not tanking. There was a time when our mitigation buff was considered a real nice buff but since the diminishing returns of mitigation came into effect this is a useless ability. So, maybe lose the mitigation buff, give us some kind of real good hate transfer and beef up the avoidance buff we can give the MT. Unless they really look at giving us some better utility there is not a lot of reason to bring a SK on a raid...and I know a lot of you are feeling this, hell all fighters are feeling this. Optimum raid set-up usually consists of what...2 fighters, maybe 3 on some encountes, 6-8 healers, 2-4 bards, 2 chanters, and the rest pure DPS. Bards have too much utility, healers bring too much to the table most of the brainer that some of those abilities need to be given to fighters to make them more viable for those raid spots. Give some fighters real nice buffs to put on the MT and ST, give us utility so that we are not given sympathy spots in a raid. And for all of you out there that like the [Removed for Content] status quo (probably DPS classes and bards) go *bleep* yourself. Fighters have been getting the shaft when it comes to participation on raids since launch, and it is only getting worse.  

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