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Some additional thoughts, For MTing, hate is definitely not an issue if you have a disciplined raid force, hate speced, and right hate transfer toons.  If the rumored hate cap changes occur, not the ones recently repealed on test, this may become an issue.  And by the looks of it we all agree that SK's can MT, but if you have a guard - stick with them.  For DPS we should not be out dpsing scouts or mages as that is their role on raids. So, for a guild who has a guard MT, and ample dps... we are stuck in the situation of why bring the SK. Some of yall I think are hittin on the answer by giving us a better group proc.  I would think regen but thats the bard's job and we are too much like the bard as it is heh.  Or... what about something that will coincide with dispatch such as a temporary mana increase buff.  What this would do is say when dispatch is called then the wizard does mana burn then when their power is nearing the low end, pop this spell and then can burn a little more yes? You could balance the pally by giving them the same thing except with life keep them in the MT group for some nice saves.  Then again, they still get amends.  Bastages =)
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