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Neiloch wrote:
Yeah the interrupt while tanking is a real pain. They should make it so the defense stance has a lot more focus or something so you won't get interrupted as easily. the Hate line in the EoF tree seems like a must if you plan on tanking. Probably going to put most of my extra points in EoF into hate as well.
^^ That's a great idea.  Also, perhaps a castable buff that would increase focus and ordination (despoil anyone?).  Recast similar to DM.  Duration 30 seconds to a minute.  (Or in EQ2 times 36 seconds to 1min12 sec)  SMILEY  Pre-pull, cast which boosts your focus and ordination by 30-40ish.  Make your pull,  buff is running giving you time to get taunts off along with despoil plus several good spell attacks to build aggro.  A suggestion I made a while back was that Everlasting Hunger be made to proc off both melee and hostile spells.  It wouldn't be earth shattering in terms of balance but spell procs are harder to come by than boosts to melee damage. This would make us a desireable addition with casters.   Anytime you have a class that can increase the group dps there is a good reason to find a spot for them.  For tanking (raids) I think our hate/aggro is fine.  Any tank out there must have some hate boost/transfer to keep a raid force in control.  The area we seem to lack is the ability to take the big hits.  Our taps just don't keep up.  Despoil is great...when it lands.  I'm not our normal MT but through some plan changes I pulled the drake last night in DT with it.  Not surprisingly, it resisted.  No mit boost for me for opening of the fight.  I can just try again after I've cycled taunts and hope that it lands.  Another topic that has been discussed before (with many voices on both sides) is that the WIS boost we have with DEF stance does not give us the same benefit of the +parry that warriors have in my opinion.  Wis is decent for resists but most fights you tailor your gear to the correct resists already anyway.  This means that the WIS boost is just not as valuable as increasing  the number of physical attacks that can be avoided completely via parry.
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