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So my Paladin has no beta buff (except the zone buff I presume), I got the PoP gears and leveled up till 110, got some gears along the way. Did the whole sig lig alone (except Plane of Disease Flesh Eater for which I had to call help of a friend).
Drawn to the Fire is a bit difficult for player like a tank (priest should have the same problem I think) because of a lack of DPS, but I did it and get to the ultima encounter : solusek Ro!
numerous deaths, it's not so easy to solo, with help of Zughrus, Avatar of sun was under 50% when I left (out of time : wiped by Solusek Ro) ... a bit tired I decided to camp on place and wanted to retry next day (today), but ...

when I started again (in the 8 alcove room near the north teleport).The 8 alcoves zone was still cleared but the west teleport ( 81, 224, -80) didn't work (door is closed and I can not go to Solusek Ro and try again the last encounter!)

Having to restart the whole Monolith of Fire only because I camped is too much !!

Without DPS, Estryxia was really not so simple, Xuzl was a pain (more than 50 minutes to get it down), redoing that for the Beta reward is beyond my means Frown
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