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  • Beta Faction Bot 3000 has had a new motivator installed! He will now offer his faction adjustment services until you have -35000, even if you have already accepted some quests in the desired faction line.
POPULATION - Plane of Magic
  • Brackish wakingdew respawn much faster now!

  • A number of accessories in Plane of Magic that were missing all of their blue stats have been repaired.
  • Wands in Planes of Prophecy no longer give the error that they require ammo.
  • Oliver has returned to the realms of Betas. Oliver will sell a level 100 tradeskill boost item to bump you up to level 100 in tradeskilling as well as all of the essentials to get you into range for level 100+ tradeskill writs.

  • Rebuilt the Olinnisk encounter for "Water Canvas". She should no longer get into a state where she won't speak to the players when they are on the proper step.
  • Alishinu should no longer be visible in Khali'Yrzu when she should be elsewhere.
  • Alishinu should properly have a book over her head when she updates a quest step.
  • Annuk'ka should properly update the quest "Right in the Nose" when players defeat him, even if enough damage is done to one-shot him.
  • Art Class Drop Out - Journal should point to the proper areas for quest updates.
  • An Eye for Art - should properly point players to the Stratafold.
  • Salindis should properly update Learning Their Place.
  • Cultural Understanding should no longer award Tradeskill XP when completed.
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