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Did this zone last night, and we didn't have any problems until Fitz.  We tried all kinds of stuff, but we couldn't figure out what to do in the third room.  No matter what we tried, he just kept activating the robots.  We'd kill them, and they'd just reappear in their deactivated state.  We tried letting him activate them all before fighting, dragging them into the water around Bastion (robots shouldn't work in water, I thought it should have worked), dragging them out of the room and killing them there, mezzing Fitz after he revived one, and a ton of other stuff.  So what's the strat supposed to be?  We assumed it was bugged, but it's possible we missed something.

Also, we had two Melanie Everlings flying around in the bottom area.  It made two sets of those big groups spawn in each room connected to the hallway leading to her final spot.  I doubt that was intentional.

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